Silgan Containers                  
Past Industrial Automation Customers:
  • Frito-Lay Inc.   Vancouver, WA
  • Simmons Pet Food   Decatur, AR
  • Silgan Containers Inc.   Toppenish, WA
  • Astoria Warehousing/Packaging Inc.   Astoria, WA
  • American Nutrition Inc.   Hazelton, PA
  • Sonoco Industrial Products Inc.   Woodland, WA
  • Uni-Heartus Inc.   Seattle, WA
  • Mountain Meadows Inc.   Lewistown, MT
  • Pacific Pet Products   Ogden, UT
  • Merrick Pet Foods   Hereford, TX
  • Quality Rock Products Inc.   Tenino, WA
  • Columbia River Paving LLC. (Automatic asphalt batching)  Longview, WA
  • The Warm Company (Textiles)  Elma, WA
  • City of Kelso   Kelso, WA
  • Hood Canal Public Utilities    Hood Canal, WA
  • Yoshida Foods   Portland, OR
  • Toyo Tanso USA Inc. (Carbon and Graphite Manufacturing)   Troutdale, OR
  • Kinetics
Some Sample Completed Process Integration Projects:
  • Automated food recipe batching systems   (Frito-Lay, Merrick Pet Foods)
  • Automated food oven cooking ststems (American Nutrition)
  • Automated can/bottling pressure cooking vessels (retorts)    (Merrick Pet Foods)
  • Automated Carbon Graphite Vessels   (Toyo Tanso USA Inc.)
  • Metal Parts Furnace Automation   (Kinetics)
  • Material Handling Convery Systems
  • Water/ Liquid with auto chemical pump controls
  • Automated food ingredient coveyor systems
  • Auto Level Control Vibratory chip converying systems   (Frito-Lay)
  • Feed industry bad palletizing systems
  • City of Kelso, WA fresh water treatment plant
  • Hood Canal PUD #2 Water Systems Facility
  • Automatic Asphalt Batching Systems
  • Automated Dry Pet Food Extrusion   (Merrick Pet Foods) 
  • Many more....