Drinking Water Contamination Warning Systems & Water Quality Monitoring / Testing

We have developed drinking water contamination monitoring systems (Water Quality Monitoring). Our turn-key systems (including valves, meters, sensors, pumps, automated remote software, etc.) and processes monitor water quality levels online and real-time to ensure that your drinking water remains inside accepted safe levels. These water quality testing systems may be strategically place throughout municipal water systems at key points and may be programmed to alarm and communicate directly to the municipality officials by cell phone when contaminants are detected.

Our systems are able to measure:  • Dissolved oxygen  • pH • ORP • Conductivity • Harmful Chemicals  • Temperature • Turbidity • TSS (total suspended solids) • Ammonium • Nitrate • Potassium • COD (chemical oxygen demand) • TOC (total organic carbon) • DOC (dissolved organic carbon share of TOC) • SAC (spectral absorption coefficient) • BOD (biochemical oxygen demand)

Key Benefits:     Ensure safe drinking water for city residents   Streamline the water monitoring process

 Increase water quality monitoring efficiency and control    Monitor data in real-time 24/7/365 from any computer

 Effective tool against contamination and bio-terrorism    Save money by cutting employee time and labor

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Drinking Water Contamination Monitoring Systems