• Increase profitability through increased production, reduced operating costs, and improved product quality

  • Improve plant safety with more flexible operations and early detection of abnormal events

  •  Increase employee productivity through improved operator effectiveness and lower 
    engineering requirements

  • Ongoing advanced control and optimization of plant operations ensures responsiveness to 
    inevitable changes in business demands

Lean Times Demand Faster Returns
Centurion Controls can help sustain the life of your assets and maximize the operational performance of your plant, factory, or mill. Learn more about how Centurion Controls can help you reduce costs and increase efficiency during these challenging economic times.
Optimize the Process with Advanced Process Control
Centurion Controls  Advanced Process Control and Optimization applications address all aspects of process optimization, from improving regulatory loop control to globally optimizing the entire 
process based on a unique layered approach. Centurion Controls is unique in the industry with its 
multi-faceted optimization approach. This approach provides a scalable, benefits-driven approach for the deployment and long-term sustainability of the solution leveraging a common skill set from base Advanced Process Control technology to multi-unit and multi-plant optimization. 

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"Statistical analysis provided by Centurion Controls has helped us adapt to market demands and optimize profits."
American Nutrition
Plant Manager