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Centurion Controls, based in UTAH, is not just an industrial automation / advanced process control company. Our expertise includes turnkey projects in electrical and mechanical engineering as well as statistical process controls for a measurable ROI. We specialize in assessing your processes to find areas where money is being lost, such as excessive water/sewer usage, energy consumption, excessive labor hours, material waste, poor quality control, etc. With more than 21 years of experience in the industry, we will take your plant or process to the highest level possible.

Drinking Water Contamination Warning SystemsWe have developed drinking water contamination warning systems (Water Infrastructure Protection). These water testing systems may be strategically place throughout city water systems at key points and may be programmed to alarm and communicate directly to the municipality workers by cell phone. Also, visit our pure water machine partner site.
Centurion Controls has exceptional experience in the food and beverage processing, automated pet food processing, water treatment, plastics, chemicals, petroleum, metal manufacturing, and feed and grain industries. With more than 21 years of experience, we have the technical knowledge and expertise to take your plant to the next level. 
  • Advanced Process Controls
    Industrial Automation
    Lean Times Demand Faster Returns Centurion Controls can help sustain the life of your assets and maximize the operational performance of your plant, factory, or mill. Learn more about
  • Statistical Process Controls
    Statistical Process Control
     STATISTICAL PROCESS CONTROL (SPC)Statistical process control is an effective method of monitoring a process through the use of control charts. Control charts enable the use of
  • Water Treatment
    Water Quality Monitoring
      Effluent and Waste Water Treatment Improving the performance of your water treatment systems can reduce operating costs and reduce environmental pollution. Most companies
  • Food / Pet Food Processing
    Food Processing Controls
    In this day and age it is essential for food / pet food processing factories and manufacturing facilities to employ and take advantage of industrial automation and advanced process control